Guided visit to the Rural Romanico

In the Sierra de Pela mountain range, in the northwest end of Guadalajara, we can visit between moorland and rocky places, the Romanesque of the north or rural. They are magnificent architectural jewels of late XII and early XIII century. It is a group of singular mountainous constructions characterized by a peculiar Mudejar footprint.

San Pedro Church in Villacadima

This magnificent rural Romanesque church was built between the 12th and 13th century.
Outside, its ashlar masonry walls and an interior of three naves separated by pointed arches stand out.

San Bartolome in Campisábalos

Built at the end of the 12th century, it preserves a frieze among its treasures, where twelve months of the year and agricultural tasks are recreated.

Santa Coloma Church in Albendiego

Declared a Historical-artistic monument in 1965 and built at the end of the 12th century, it is the most emblematic and spectacular example of the so-called “rural Romanesque” of Guadalajara. With a magnificent semicircular apse decorated with carved stone lattices.

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Roak Castle

On a high cliff, stands such a magnificent work, in its Muslim origin and reconquered by Alfonso VI. At its feet we find the Church of Santa María in a Romanesque style; today it houses the Camposanto de la Villa.

Church of the Trinity

it was built in Romanesque style of the XII century, its interior houses the Horse Museum of Atienza. 2€ /Pax.

Wheat Square

one of the most beautiful squares in Castile, with traditional buildings and magnificent friezes, on one side stands the Church of San Juan del Mercado.

Arch of Arrebatacapas

of the first walled enclosure of the town, it is one of the best preserved pointed arches.

Spain Square

It houses a 18th century fountain and the 17th century palace. On one side of the square is the Posada del Cordón, an interpretation centre and ethnographic museum in the province of Guadalajara.

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