Guided visit to Pastrana

Located between the rivers Tajo and Tajuña, this medieval village is one of the most important in the province of Guadalajara. In Pastrana lived noble Spanish lineages, the famous Princess of Éboli, and founded convents Santa Teresa de Jesús and San Juan de la Cruz.

Visit to the Ducal Palace and The hour Square

Visiting the Ducal Palace, built in the sixteenth century by Alonso de Covarrubias, where from its large trellis balcony, the Princess of Éboli could look out and take air one hour a day. (2 €/pax group)

Walk along the Main Street

Collegiate Church with tapestry museum

Inside this temple with three naves we find a crucified Christ of primitive Gothic style, a magnificent baroque organ and the crypt of the Dukes of Pastrana. In the chapter hall we also have the Museo de los Tapices, a collection of Flemish tapestries from the late 15th century. (4 €/pax)

Fountain of the four pipes

Palm street

Visiting the exterior of the old synagogue, the Calatravian gentleman’s house and the house of the inquisition: this is a set of buildings on Palm street that takes us back to the 17th century. They are fundamentally noble houses, others of rich farmers, and royal civil servants.

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