Journey to the Alcarria

Follow the steps of the Nobel Prize for Literature Camilo Jose Cela, We discover the beautiful Alcarreña region for several days. we will visit places as important in the book as:

Guadalajara Capital (The beginning):

where we will visit Palaces, Churches, a ducal crypt, a room decorated with paper rice and much more …

Torija, Brihuega and Cifuentes

Castles and churches will accompany us during this day


Ana de Mendoza and Ruy Goméz de Silva (The Princes of eboli) will be our hosts

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¡Reserva ya tu experiencia en Guadalajara!

The experience can last several days and visit other places during the trip such as Trillo, Pareja, Durón, Budia or Tendilla ... It depends on the time available to the client.
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