Guided visit to Guadalajara

From Guadalajara on foot we want to show the visitor a magical city, only 55 kms from the Capital Madrid, with good road and rail communications, extensive landscaped areas and a great Historical and Cultural Heritage. Walking through surprising palaces, convents and churches. Guadalajara, an unknown city with an official guide.

Infantado Palace

It was ordered to be built in Gothic-Isabelline style by the II Duke of the Infantado to be its main house.
Its original 15th-century façade stands out for its diamond tips and in its inner courtyard wild animals, mythological among plant motifs.
In the Duke’s rooms, the fresco decoration of the Florentine artist Romulo Cincinato is preserved.

Antonio de Mendoza Palace

Built by Lorenzo Vazquez in the 16th century, it is considered one of the best palaces Renaissance preserved.
Doña Brianda, niece of Don Antonio and pious woman, later ordered the building of the church of piety, with its magnificent plateresque doorway. under the orders of architect Alonso de Covarrubias.

Palace of la Cotilla

The palace houses a Chinese room
Unique and exceptional work of art, where visitors can admire richly decorated walls painted by hand on a delicate rice paper. (1€/pax)

Church and Crypt of the Convent of San Francisco

The monumental Franciscan church built by Cardinal Pedro González de Mendoza is decorated with Gothic nerves, mural painting and baroque marbles for the visitor’s delight. The funeral sumptuousness of the ducal crypt stands out, burial place of the powerful Mendoza, built in the image and likeness of the Escorial.  (1€/pax)

Luis de Lucena Chapel

was built in the sixteenth century by the humanist Luis de Lucena as its burial site attached to the disappeared Church of San Miguel del Monte.

Inside, a museum space, we can admire his frescoes painted with biblical scenes and Mudejar plasterwork of churches that have disappeared from Guadalajara.  (1€/pax)

Panteon of the Duchess

In the late 19th century, Maria Diega Desmaissieres commissioned the Burgos architect Ricardo V. Bosco to build her family pantheon in an eclectic style, a fusion of Lombard Romanesque art, Byzantine and Mudejar style. Inside we can admire a magnificent Calvary, painting by Alejandro Ferrant and the sculptoric group, burial of such a noble lady.  (3€/pax, grupos 1€)

Santa Maria Church

The temple dates from the 14th century, a Mudejar church with a large brick belfry tower and crowned with a chapitel.
Its porticoed atrium with Castilian capitals and a baroque interior.

Church of San Nicolas

The present church of 1647 was originally the old Jesuit church of the Trinity.
Its interior has a magnificent Baroque altarpiece and the recumbent statue of the Santiago commander Rodrigo de Campuzano.

What do you think of Guadalajara a Pie?

Our experience of the visit to Guadalajara has been unbeatable. The enthusiasm of Natalia, the guide who accompanied us with her explanations, has undoubtedly contributed to this.

We’ll repeat safely with friends as soon as we can.

Marta y Josecho

We hired a school visit and the experience was very positive. Besides the price was very economical, the kids had a great time. They got to know a little more about the city of Guadalajara in a pleasant way. We continue on foot along the route of the old wall, and in this way, we touch many of the most significant monuments of the city. Cool. We’ll do it again next year.


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