Guided visit to Brihuega

In the heart of Alcarria we find the town of Brihuega, also called' Jardín de la Alcarria'. It is a historic and monumental town situated in a high plateau, from where the beautiful landscapes of the Tajuña valley are dominated.

Castle of Peña Bermeja

Nowadays it is considered the most emblematic building of Brihuega. Located on the edge of a ravine over the valley of the Tajuña river and was built by the Arabs in the 10th or 11th century.
In the lower part are the old stables, interesting dependence with a long barrel vault built in ashlar masonry. Today it is used as a chapel of the Veracruz.

Santa Maria de la Peña Church

Built in the early thirteenth century by Archbishop D. Rodrigo Ximénez de Rada We are in front of the most interesting and best preserved proto-gothic temple in the entire province of Guadalaja.
Outside, the main door stands out; it is a magnificent portico with several pointed arches in degradation, adorned with diamond tips and motifs.

Plaza del coso, Town Hall and former Carlos III prison

It is the main square of the town where the Town Hall building was rebuilt in 1975, replacing the previous 18th century building.
Formerly the municipal prison, also known as Carlos III Prison.

Arab caves

Situated in front of the Town Hall. 2€ pax

Fountain of the 12 pipes

Also known as the “Fuente Blanquina” is the largest and one of the identifying features of Brihuega.

Church of San Felipe

Built in the thirteenth century is a small temple of beautiful lines in Romanesque style transition to the Gothic.

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