From Guadalajara on foot we want to show the visitor a magical city, only 55 kms from the Capital Madrid, with good road and rail communications, extensive landscaped areas and a great Historical and Cultural Heritage. Walking through surprising palaces, convents and churches. Guadalajara, an unknown city with an official guide.

Picturesque villa located in the North Serrania of Guadalajara, it was declared a historical-artistic monument in 1962, by Atienza you can follow the steps of the Cid, breathe nature, enjoy its traditional architecture or taste its good gastronomy.

The millenary Villa de Cogolludo is located between the Serranía and the countryside,
During the Arab occupation, the town belonged to the Marca Medía, and was conquered by King Alfonso VI, prior to the takeover of Toledo in 1085.

Authentic Medieval Villa, Juan Ruiz, author of the “book of good love” was his archpriest.
Then, in the 15th century, the First Marquis of Santillana Don Iñigo Lopez de Mendoza took possession of
the Villa as lord of Hita rebuilds the castle around 1430 and fortifies the population

In the Sierra de Pela mountain range, in the northwest end of Guadalajara, we can visit between moorland and rocky places, the Romanesque of the north or rural. They are magnificent architectural jewels of late XII and early XIII century.
It is a group of singular mountainous constructions characterized by a peculiar Mudejar footprint.

Located in the Sierra Norte of Guadalajara and surrounded by beautiful landscapes. The Medieval City of Sigüenza has become one of the main tourist destinations in Castilla la Mancha. It was declared a Historic-Artistic Site in 1964. The “City of Doncel” takes us to a medieval period where we will enjoy visiting its streets and buildings.

In the heart of Alcarria we find the town of Brihuega, also called’ Jardín de la Alcarria’. It is a historic and monumental town situated in a high plateau, from where the beautiful landscapes of the Tajuña valley are dominated.

“La Puerta de la Alcarria”, Torija is an amazing and beautiful town in the centre-west of the province of Guadalajara, located next to the A-2 that connects Madrid to Barcelona.

Located between the rivers Tajo and Tajuña, this medieval village is one of the most important in the province of Guadalajara. In Pastrana lived noble Spanish lineages, the famous Princess of Éboli, and founded convents Santa Teresa de Jesús and San Juan de la Cruz.

Following the course of the Tajo River and just 54 kms from Guadalajara we find the Entrepeñas Swamp; in his day known as “Mar de Castilla”. It is worth mentioning a series of towns that we can visit next to the waters of the Entrepeñas Reservoir.

Located at the foot of Pico Ocejon, in the northwestern of Guadalajara, the traveler can see the so-called “Black Villages”. They form a singular group to use in the construction of their houses slate slate and dark stone, This is the name of Black Architecture.


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